Gree tea- شاي أخضر

About Refreshing Towel:

Refreshing towels are a small, but essential detail on the table.


Green Tea is Hygienic, smart and decorative refreshing towel. This refreshing fragrance towel is wonderful! Made of 100% cotton and infused with the wonderful fragrance of Green Tea. The towels can also be placed in the freezer as they will not freeze all the way. Wonderful for a hot summer day.

This refreshing towel is with green tea aroma, which makes this towelette so fresh. Beside its tissue is enriched with natural emollients that give it a good moisturizing effect.


23 cm x 23 cm



What fragrance would you expect in a perfume named “Green Tea”? What impression would you get from an actual whiff? Some may find such a perfume not really that suggestive of green tea, or feel that while it isn’t quite what they’d imagined, it does have a nice, refreshing scent.

Fresh leaves of green tea

Perfumes with a green tea note first appeared in the 1990s – an era when humanitarianism and environmental issues first entered the popular consciousness, and ecology and a preference for the natural came to be priorities.
Fashions became more casual, with the focus on ecology and the natural. Brands like Gap and Benetton achieved popularity with their low prices and commitment to quality. New trends also emerged in perfumes, driven by a preference for the natural and the increasing diversity of people’s lifestyles. Thanks to growing interest in the environment, aromas inspired by new ideas caught on: fragrances of the sea, air, and water that exuded a natural feel and were devoted to the concept of getting back to nature; transparent fragrances, delicious fragrances, unisex fragrances.

Then, in the late 1990s, aromachology fragrances designed to be relaxing or uplifting emerged in response to the stress of contemporary society.It was during those years that marine notes came onto the scene. New West For Her (1990) was greeted with wonder thanks to its bold use of the chemical Calone to create a marine note. Other perfumes typifying this trend include Escape (1991) and L’eau d’Issey (1992). Then followed the golden age of the transparent note – ozone notes, aquatic notes, and such. Acqua di Gio (1994), Pleasures (1995), and L’eau Par Kenzo (1996) all possessed a lucid floral note with a natural green or fruity accent.
Meanwhile a whole series of perfumes with a gourmand or fruity note were released in the wake of the success of Angel (1992). Fragrances showcasing food aromas, which instinctively soothe the mind and put it at ease, won acceptance, and flavor ingredients came to be used more extensively.
On that backdrop the scent of tea became all the rage, with different products.

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